Our partnership with Nexus Wine means we can offer high quality, professionally managed wine storage for our private clients at an extremely competitive price.


All wines will be stored at London City Bond’s Dinton Woods Facility. Dinton Woods is made up of 15 individual vaults which were formerly used as Government munitions storage. Each vault has been dug into the hillside and they are encased by reinforced concrete walls ensuring stable temperature and an ideal environment for long term fine wine storage. Security is also state of the art with 24 hour on site security as well as, CCTV and individual alarm systems on each vault.

Each case will be individually identified with your unique customer code ensuring piece of mind.


All wine is insured to full market value and if a case is damaged or lost it will be replaced. Where replacement is not possible you will receive full market value for the wine.


For clients who wish to Broke their wines through Latimer Vintners we are able to offer free storage for the first 3 months of listing your wines with us.

Rental & Insurance

Every month that stock is received or despatched you will receive a stock movement certificate for your records. This will include the charges for handling, rental and insurance for the remainder of calendar year. If wine has been withdrawn, you will receive a credit for unused months rent. Please find in addition there is a 50% discount applied for small cases (4.5 litres or less). Your rate will not exceed the following:

Volume Per month
(per case)
Per year
(per case)
0-24 cases £0.83 Ex VAT £9.96 Ex VAT
25-100 cases £0.75 Ex VAT £9.00 Ex VAT
100-499 cases £0.70 Ex VAT £8.40 Ex VAT
500+ cases £POA £POA

Receiving, Handling and Labelling

On physical arrival at Latimer Reserve each case will be checked to ensure it is in its original packaging and in expected condition. Wines not in original cases may be opened for further inspection. Cases that arrive mixed will be broken down into their constituent parts and repacked. Provided we have been informed in advance of its arrival, we will take up any shortfalls or errors on your behalf at this point. The case is then labelled with your chosen account name, and racked away for storage. You will receive confirmation of receipt by e-mail the month following arrival.

Receipt and Handling Costs

Free for wine purchased from Latimer Vintners
£4.50 Ex VAT From other sources

New Purchases & En-Primeur

If you buy wine from any other source for storage please inform Latimer Reserve. Your collection will be updated with the wine and its expected date of arrival. Purchases from Latimer Vintners will be automatically updated.

Consolidation of existing Stock Holdings

If you wish to benefit from the quantity and time savings available from consolidating holdings from other locations and merchants please let us know. Discounts are available for larger collections.

Secure, Accurate Cellarage

Full stock reconciliations are conducted monthly to ensure that any ‘human’ errors are picked up immediately (ask your current storage supplier how often they check their stock…). Latimer Reserve is independent from Latimer Vintners, every case is uniquely identified at the warehouse and it is impossible for collectors stocks to be confused with the assets of the trading company. If you would like to view your stock, cellar visits can be organised with prior arrangement. All wines are fully insured at full replacement value.

Web Access

You will be issued with a password to access your collection via our website with your first receipt confirmation. The website has extensive functionality to help you monitor your stocks.

Removing Stock

Arrangements should be made directly with Latimer Reserves, ideally by email to reserve@latimerreserve.com. Please note, verbal instruction can only be accepted for authorised, pre-advised delivery addresses. You will receive a rental credit for full, unused months. Latimer/Nexus can advise on the most cost-efficient way of moving your stock around. Should the value of an invoice exceed the remaining value of the collection, we will require payment prior to any despatch. Where multiple cases of a product are held, by default We will select the highest value case for IN BOND deliveries and the lowest value case for DUTY PAID deliveries.